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ELLOCKS - Electronic Access Control System

Nowadays the suage comfort, security , price and long term exploitation are considered to be some of the most important elements of every informed descicion. Independent for what application, everybody desires to feel secure and calm, as in the same time invests minimum costs in the maintenance and exploitation of one electronic access control system, whcih offers maximum comfort. 

That is why the developing teams of MAUER LOCKING SYSTEMS offer the unique solution of off- or online electronic access control systems, which imply optimal combination of quality, price, comfort, security and long term service and exploitation. 

Using the umlimited possibilities of the global network, you can give or erase access, independent where you are, just using your smartphone or tablet. And for those, for whom this is considered to be a redundant luxury, the easy and quick programming directly at the door hadnle would be welcome.  

Connecting the door system with the electronic control of the lockers in any spa or welness centre are far from exahusting the unlimited possibilities of the elctronics...

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