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New Wave series - High security cylinder NW5

  • Standard: EN 1303
  • Key differs: 20 000 000
  • Plating: Brass/Nickel
  • Keys: Newsilver
  • Profile: NW4
  • NW4 system, including 4 types of decoding elements: a roller in the key - basic active row of pins; side row of pins; a wave channel in the key
  • Anti-bumping and anti-drilling protection
  • Patented anti-breaking protection
  • Patented construction of the key
  • Patented construction of teh cam for a higher breaking resistance
  • Patented element in the body of the cylinder for higher breaking and pulling resistance
  • Ergonomic plastic key bow
  • Cerification: SKG***
  • Conform to the highest European security norms regarding rotor pulling - 1500 kg
  • Application - Single differs, Key Alike and Masterkey Systems
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